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I'm drawn to images that hint at hidden stories, and I would like any viewer to be a collaborator, a fellow creative traveller, stitching together the narrative details within an image in whichever way they choose, informed by their own experiences. I would love to think that an image will make someone pause and wonder, even if it's just for a moment. Mostly, I hope these images bring with them a touch of theatre and a pinch of joy, and that they raise a smile, stimulate a synapse and charm you for a while. 


I was brought up in County Durham, near the brooding and dramatic North East coast, before leaving the nest to study a different kind of theatre.


After graduating, I settled in London, and followed various creative pathways. In recent years, before the virus grounded us all, I've had a more unanchored existence, flying around the globe with my musician partner, always with my trusty camera swinging from my shoulder.


It's such a crazy, glorious world. Who knows what the future will bring us, but let's walk into it with our eyes and minds open and keep spinning those stories together.

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